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Do limited companies pay stamp duty on buy-to-let properties?

If you are buying a property with the intention of letting it out, you have to pay stamp duty. This goes for both limited companies AND personal investors. Due to the current economic situation and COVID-19, stamp duty has been reduced until March 2021 in England and North Ireland For properties under £500, 000, the current stamp duty rate is 3% and increases incrementally thereafter.

What is the availability of buy to let mortgages for limited companies?

As a general rule of thumb, only around a quarter of buy to let mortgages are available for limited companies, with the remaining three-quarters going to individual investors.

What tax does a landlord need to pay?

Landlords are responsible for a variety of different taxes. Not all will be relevant, but it’s at least important to be aware of them. It’s also recommended to stay on top of any changes in tax procedures since they do change from time to time. In general, though, the main taxes are as follows:

● Stamp Duty
● Land Tax
● Capital Gains
● Income Tax and NIC

You’ll need to register for and complete a tax return in order to pay your income tax and NIC.


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